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Recruitment Services

As a sole professional, SME or foreign company you may not have the time, resources or local knowledge necessary to search for new personnel. At Milton Parker we offer a comprehensive recruitment service that will identify the best talent who will add value to your company.

We can manage the entire recruitment process, from advertising the position, to sorting through applications and shortlisting candidates, through to conducting initial interviews, leaving you just with the task of selecting from the best candidates to interview.

We can also help to devise job descriptions and identify the essential skills and accountabilities for a role. Furthermore, we use our local insight to target the most suitable applicants when deciding where to advertise your vacancy.

The right people can increase the productivity and performance of your business, which is why we use all our expertise and experience to identify the ideal candidates for your vacant position and make the recruitment process as efficient as possible.

Our Recruitment Services

  • Advertising Positions
  • Selecting Candidates for Interview
  • Conducting Entry Interviews
  • Administering Standardised Tests
  • Identifying Further Training Needed

The Source For A Workforce!

Investing in your company’s human capital brings value to your organisation. We help identify new talent!

Human Resources To Reinforce!

Procure the professional candidates you need to fill the gaps in your organisation and make it stronger.

Your Search Ends Here!

The search for Human resources made simple, and if you are foreign entity you cannot afford not to hire us!

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